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Our Story

We've owned and loved Volkswagon Vans for over 25 years- driving them throughout the West and Mexico!

About Us


We are a small "Mom and Pop" Volkswagon Van rental business based in Moab, UT.  We have owned and loved (and worked on) Volkswagons for over 25 years.  Taking them throughout the Western US and Mexico.

We started collecting various Volkswagon vans, and restoring them, eventually deciding to rent them out to people interested in exploring the local area.  As former guides, we know the area like- our backyard!  We've helped many of our van renters plan out their trip, including hikes, bike rides, and campsites.

We love the Moab area, and hope you can use our vans to have a more natural experience then your typical hotel stay.  We outfit the vans with everything you will need for camping comfortably in our beautiful desert. 


Our Base

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